About Syndetics

Who We Are
Syndetics is a full service management consulting firm using and encouraging the use of a campaign approach to winning and maintaining existing business in the federal market space. We provide market analysis, bid pipe management, campaign and proposal strategy, Position-to-Win (PTW), and competitive analysis. We provide proposal leadership, with Proposal Managers, Volume Leads (management, technical and cost), program architecture support including IMP/IMS, product development and service support, proposal offerings, program startup, preparations between proposal submittal and award, and program startup support in the post-award time frame. This program support includes system engineering requirements flowdown to subcontractors, the creation of SOWs and specifications, data management delivery plans, establishment of earned value management systems (EVMS) and preparations for major design reviews such as IBR, SRR, SDR, PDR, CDR and PCA/FCA.
Syndetics Vision
Syndetics is composed of 115 associates who have strong engineering and programmatic backgrounds to implement the campaign/capture, proposal and program execution services. This experienced team of personnel is able to assist our clients in exceeding simply compliant submissions by aiding in the development and implementation of competitive strategies. By providing continuity across the boundary between capture and proposal operations and between proposal and program execution, the Syndetics vision is to provide continuity, consistency and competitiveness. During these turbulent and trying times, Syndetics has been able to assist their clients in the past ten years in winning over $83 billions’ worth of new business.
Syndetics Advantage
Syndetics, by virtue of its proven success, is able to lead, mentor, coach and train client personnel. In circumstances where the workload demands are high on client personnel, a client can be confident in having Syndetics run their campaign and/or proposal. In other circumstances Syndetics may be used to augment or supplement the client team because Syndetics will only take one side of a competition. You can trust Syndetics to be compartmentalized and help integrate position to win objectives with Work Breakdown Structures (WBS), Basis of Estimates (BOEs) and program plans for a fully integrated offering. The advantage of using Syndetics is that you have sophisticated and well-integrated proposal products that explain not only the “what” that is being offered, but the “how”. Syndetics reduces the cost of developing a compelling proposal by using a strategy driven and metric based management approach to minimize excessive and disruptive rewrites.