Highly experienced professionals with a history of helping clients win, retain, and grow more than $110 billion in government business.

We are a company of handpicked professionals with large-program experience and a strong history of winning and executing business in the federal and international marketplaces. In recent years, our team members have been responsible for winning – or helping to win – more than $110 billion in government business. Our employees come from government and industry – all proven leaders and experts who average more than 30 years of experience in their fields.

Syndetics’ proven campaign approach to winning business is comprised of the seven phases described below.  Our campaign management process positions you to win and assists in managing the ambiguity of current government markets.


Studies and Analysis

To win business, we first focus on gathering information about both the government and industry view of the market.  From a government perspective, we perform analysis of alternatives (AOA), technology assessments and DOTMLPF.  From an industry view, we guide you through market analysis, and help you establish and improve government relations

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is built on understanding the opportunity, your competition, and how your company fits in.  We accomplish this through customer and program analysis, past performance corrections, black hat reviews, tactical planning.  Syndetics can help you establish an initial strategy, including aligned IRAD and a strategic communications plan.

Opportunity Assessment

Understanding and quantifying the opportunity to your company is the next step to winning business.  We help you determine a price to win, perform a business case analysis, analyze CAIV and establish and improve your Pwin.  Determining product positioning, establishing TRL levels and updating your win strategy are all important to assessing an opportunity and Syndetics’ experts can lead you through this process.

Capture Planning

A strategic methodology based on the information gathered using the previous steps is key to winning business.  Syndetics can help you understand your barriers to winning, discriminators, risks and gaps.  With this knowledge, we can help you define a program architecture and a capture plan.

Proposal Management

Creating a compelling and compliant proposal in response to an RFP is the next step critical to winning business.  Syndetics uses industry proven methods to help you generate a compelling, compliant RFP response.  Our process includes updating your win strategy, decomposing the RFP and creating a proposal outline, establishing themes, creating a PRD and storyboards as well as holding Pink, Red and Gold team reviews.  We will help you finalize TRL levels, identify credible ways to mitigate risk, assist in the creation of BOEs and manage for cost traceability.

Stake-Holder Relations

As you transition to program execution, Syndetics can help you establish strong stake-holder relations.  We can help you build transition plans, confidence curves and manage ITAR/Export requirements.

Program Execution

Our team has the expertise to perform program assessments and create a credible, profitable program management structure.  We have the expertise to plan program start-up including establishing an IMP/IMS.  We can structure EVMS audits and help you prepare for customer interactions such as PDRs, CDRs and PMRs.  Syndetics experts can provide a full range of program management and technical support services.